Anthropology of aesthetic experiences

Anthropology of aesthetic experiences
Master AnthropologieParcours Anthropologie sociale et culturelle


This course introduces the anthropology of art and aesthetics. In particular, we will focus on recent approaches to the relationships between form and meaning, and the ways they shape human beings’ vernacular understanding of aesthetic experiences. In order to explore these experiences in terms of their sensory, social, spatial and temporal impact, in class, we will discuss theoretical literature and ethnographic cases taken from diverse contexts and societies to explore the sensory, social, spatial and temporal effects of aesthetic experiences, and the agency of different artistic devices and formal principles.

Compétences visées

Students should be able to feel confident expressing ideas about the topic and their own research in English as a lingua franca, and they should feel more confident in reading academic articles in English and discussing them in class.
After completing this course, students should be able to identify and explain how aesthetic and sensory dimensions shape the different fields of human experiences and vernacular understandings of their worlds.


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